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June 29, 2005



Dear Ciara, Thanks for sharing this. Please know that your readers love and care about you! You have given us so much on this site nearly every day. Please accept the support and prayers we're sending your way now. Love, Nancy


Thinking of you. I've been in that place way too much lately. Zoloft starts tomorrow.

It is a feeling, and it WILL pass. You must fight these thoughts with positive words to yourself, and, of course, anything else that might help! Hugs.

Fiona Robyn

Hoping things are looking brighter, or if they're not that you're at least heading in some kind of direction through the darkness... have enjoyed your writing since I found you.


I'm afraid I've been a little remiss in visiting, but you have my best wishes.

I think we all find ourselves in that slough at some time in our life, and probably more often then most of us online would care to admit.

Recognizing that here just seems part of revealing your own humanity.


Feel better soon, Ciara.
Take care!

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