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May 21, 2006


Amanda M

Now I begin to understand why the photos of Ilia Dnebosky, including some of drug addicts, were posted by you on April 26. I can't say that I felt peace when I saw the photos of drug addicts, but those photos had a profound physical effect on me. Having experienced addictions from which I have been in recovery for 19 years, I can say that the primary goal in my addictive processes was the feeling of peace that descended when my muscles finally relaxed. There is a song I heard in the last few days, "Mercy Now, " written and sung by Mary Gauthier who is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. When I heard that song, I felt the "peace which passes all understanding." Thank you again for your site. I can see why I am drawn to it. I want to feel, not just think.


And thank you for your many-facted comment, Amanda. I'll tell Ilya about your reaction, and I know he'll be pleased.

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