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January 30, 2007



Thank you for filling a huge gap in my knowledge by linking to the recent articles about Father Drinan. Although I am not Catholic, I have been inspired by Dorothy Day for some time now and was only remotely aware of Father Drinan, who listed Dorothy Day as one who inspired him. NPR has a lively taped interview with Father Drinan from 1988.


Years ago when I lived in NYC, I visited the Catholic Worker quite frequently. Dorothy Day was still alive then, although not in the best of health. Do you get the Catholic Worker newspaper? It comes out about 4 times a year. A subscription still costs 25 cents annually, same as it did when the paper started, back in Depression days!


Interesting to know that you frequently visited the Catholic Worker when Dorothy Day was still alive. I don't get the Catholic Worker newspaper but found out how to subscribe after reading your comment. Hadn't realized it was still being published. I have a inspiring set of tapes, an unabridged version of a book by Robert Coles called DOROTHY DAY: A RADICAL DEVOTION. Maybe you've come across that book, too.

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