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March 03, 2007


Laura Tyler

Greetings! I'm an artist in Boulder, Colorado and I totally dig your blog. I just made a link from my blog to yours. Have a great day!


Schlesinger's book from 1949 sounds like one I would like to read, although I question elements of his later statement because all cultures, religions and spiritual traditions have limitations. We can all learn from each other.

Thomas Merton was a pioneer in that he was acquainted with the limitations of Catholicism and helped bring about about a useful dialogue between diverse spiritual traditions, a dialogue that continues today and enriches all traditions. No one need apologize for the limitations of their traditions or devalue other traditions.

Martin Buber, too, believed in the power of respectful dialogue between traditions.

A Tibetan Buddhist said, when I asked if Tibetan Buddhists had a concept of God, that their view was that there was no God and no not-God. That was helpful to me and opened up my understanding of God as I understand God.

Thanks for your thought-provoking post!

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