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December 10, 2008



Thanks so much for your post today! Reading THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY was a turning point in my life.

I don't remember about the Piccolomini altar, but I do remember, from reading the book in 1966 when I was in high school:

"Do not fail, as you go on, to draw something every day, for no matter how little it is, it will be well worth while, and it will do you a world of good." (Cennino Cennini)

After reading those words, I began drawing something every day. At this time, I'm not drawing every day, but I do write most every day and am working on a book of my art work.

Anne Arbor

AM, TA&TE is just the most wonderful book, isn't it? I've found that it bears re-reading every few years, and would highly recommend that, if you aren't already doing so. Love the Cennini comment. Thanks very much for posting here.

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