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February 09, 2010



Keara, when you didn't post for a while, I got out of the habit of visiting your blog. I'm so happy to be back here and to find more beautiful things to see and read.

Thanks so much for the links to these incredible paintings. Don't have the time today to look at all of them, but I did look at as many as I could. Especially loved "The Shrine of the Visitation" (1491) and those of St. Francis and those of the Magi. Something quite beautiful!!

Also wanted to say that I spent a year with A Year to Live when a friend was given a terminal diagnosis of lung cancer. I treasure that book.

Kind wishes,


AM, it's so good to see you. I really value your comments and your presence here at S.t.B. I'm also very pleased to have your reaction to A Year to Live. I see you are still doing your own fine work and making it available to us all (http://oldgirlfromthenorthcountry.blogspot.com ) :-)

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