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March 02, 2010



Here's a virtual hug (o).

Hope things improve for you.

I'm afraid ideals and the real world all too often conflict, otherwise I would probably still be teaching high school.


I cannot imagine what must be causing you such grief.

A year ago, I swerved to avoid a cyclist and ended up cutting him off. I did not know I had cut him off. I had not hit him or knocked him off or anything. But he then cycled alongside of my car and cursed me out and screamed at me. I did not know what to do or say.

I would not have hurt him for all the world (except maybe in self defense, but this was not a self-defense situation) and his excoriation of me called into question everything about me. Was I a good person? A helpful person? A kind person who looked out for bicyclists? This man's opinion was NO. It became my opinion too, for how long I do not know.
I felt as if I was the worst person on earth for something I had done in error.

May you see your way clear and may your love of life return. May your soul be restored to you.

Bente M

Standing alone in a situation can surely be sad and painful. Some of your words made me remember a play by Henrik Ibsen in which a physician get all of the town people's rage against him even though he had tried to save their drinking water that were at risk of contamination. In the play there is a line which in my country, Norway, has become a very famous quote. It says something like this: "He is strongest who stand alone"...and what most people here believe is that Ibsen meant that the person who dare to stand alone, knowing they acted right, are the only persons who are strong enough to dare be right.

I hope something wonderful will happen in your life soon.


Bente, thank you for your very kind comments. They have meant a lot to me during recent dark days. A few years ago I read all of Ibsen's main plays as a sort of project -- seems like I should read them again! "He is strongest who stands alone" has some real resonance for me, as I have felt recently that I was more alone than ever in my (longish) life. I like your words "something wonderful." I could use something wonderful. :-) I wish you something wonderful as well. :-)


Loren, it is always good to see you and I appreciate your reply to me. No, the world does not seem to have much time or space for ideals. You do keep on, however, fighting the good fight and I admire that. (((Hugs))) to you too. :-)

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