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March 02, 2010



Eri, what a terrible thing to have happen to you! My heart goes out to you for the pain you have obviously suffered. Our experiences have in common that someone else asserted that we are bad people. I would hope that you were able to find support from others who could help you realize that you are not - and especially not in the way that this man suggested. It appears that you did have trouble finding the support and that has to have made everything so much harder. It is so obvious to me, an outsider, that this man was expressing only his own rage. Everything he said proceeded from what was inside him, triggered by an accidental episode in which you were an almost incidental part. I'm so sorry that this happened, and I hope not only that you continue to heal from it but that you are gaining speed. (As I write that, I realize that you could have been so lastingly injured only because this man hit an old long-ago injured place in you, and brought all that old pain to the fore again. I hope I am not being too intrusive in making that remark.) Things which are beautiful are not always sufficient for our healing but they can certainly help remind us why we should undertake it. :-)


Be strong friend. Know that in your isolation you are joined by many others. Look for beauty and give thanks for it, that restores the soul!


Katherine, I hope your soul is feeling restored today. :-)

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