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April 27, 2011


Bente M

Absolutely a man after my heart! I know how important it is to walk every day. Not only does it benefit your physical health, it also takes care of your mental health. Walking is a wonderful way of getting in shape and stay fit, without having to go to gyms and pay a lot of money to work out indoors. Walking outside and enjoying the nature is fantastic, even if it rains or snows! :-)
I don't walk for 6 hours, but I do try to walk for 1 hour every day. Life feels so much brighter :-)


Bente, you are the best. :-) Thank you for your comment. And for your wisdom -- walking is a great thing for both physical and mental health. :-)


This speaks to my heart, too.

Although I used to walk at least an hour every day, this past year has been consumed with the demands of a new/old job with an unpredictable work schedule--having to work extra hours on my scheduled days and often having to work on my days off.

Even though the total hours are under 40, I l have let the unpredictability of those work hours get in the way of my walking time.

Anyway, I am making the pleasure of walking a priority again, as it has been throughout most of my nearly 62 years.

Walking is something beautiful (-:


am, you are such a terrific lady and your comments are always so sensitive and insightful. Thank you for this wonderful comment. Walking is, surely, something beautiful. :-)) I wish you many fine and beautiful walks.


What a delight to find your blog again and to come across this particular post, written on my birthday.
It's late now, but I will go for a walk tomorrow.

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