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March 05, 2012



Sorry to hear of your loss.

I'm not fond of ritual, myself, but I appreciate its power to help us through life's most difficult situations.

Take care of your self.


Sending love to you and your family in these early days after your father's passing. I'm deeply moved by your post today, Keara -- that those heartening words could be with your father as he let go.


Thank you, Loren. Not long ago I was talking with an Episcopal priest who pointed out that Americans are spiritually impoverished as a nation. I agree with that. My prayers at my father's bedside, as he lay dying, were my effort to address that lack on that day, at that time.


AM, thank you so very much. I appreciate your kind words, as always. As I was writing this very personal post, I found myself thinking often of you and Richard, and your own experience in losing him. All of us who have lost someone are, I think, brothers and sisters in our grief.

Marsha Calhoun

I hope as you hope. My condolences, and as one who has gone on this path, I wish to tell you that I believe your impressions and behaviors were accurate and appropriate and loving.

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