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June 14, 2013



Hi Keara,

Hope you are well.

In 1982, I was fortunate to be able to visit the National Gallery of Art with my parents. That was after I graduated from college at age 32. Seeing this Madonna and Child brings me back to the wonder of standing in front of the paintings from that period -- among my favorites in the entire National Gallery. It was astounding how fresh and new those paintings looked.

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Kind wishes always,

Marsha Calhoun

Another couple of somethings that really do make the difference. Thank you.


Haven't been to visit in a while and I'm just delighted to see this. Such radiance!
Thank you!


am, Thank you so much for your comment. I love picturing you, along with your parents, in front of this and similar paintings! :-)


Marsha, how lovely to see you. :-) I'd been asking myself whether I should continue with S.t.B., and then your comment, along with am's and Eri's, "made all the difference" to me. Thank you so much for taking the time to write.

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