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June 25, 2014


marsha calhoun

I was intrigued by your description (by the way, the link didn't work but I tracked it down from your description), so I studied it until I noticed the oddness of the Madonna's cloak, which seems to be floating above her right shoulder. I agree - it is compelling, not just for the shoulder issue; maybe the faces are what encourage the viewer to keep looking.


Hello Marsha,
How good to see you! I'm at a loss to know what to do with the link problem. What browser do you use? This time I deliberately lined to a a different kind of url, and still did not work - that's discouraging. They all work for me, so I just don't know the way forward. I hadn't noticed anything about the shoulder or gown, but the plainness of Mary's face struck me - quite a different face than the usual. The child's face, however, struck me as unusually good. I was also charmed by the way the mother and child's hands touch.


Correction: 'linked' in line 4 (of course).

marsha calhoun

I use Safari, and my work-around was just to Google Master of St. Cecilia, which brought me a list that included the Getty Museum, so I chose that and got it. Your description made it easy. It is a striking image - Mary does look austere, and the child has an unusually interesting face - his other hand seems to be trying to straighten his mother's cloak!


Hello Marsha, and thank you for your reply. It seems that there is some kind of problem with Google Art links and Safari. The links I post do work in more browsers and I keep trying to discover how to make them work for you, so far without success. Let's try this - can you please post the link that does work for you as to this painting? It would be nice to solve this puzzle.

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